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  • Cyber Security Handbook : Free download on Amazon Kindle

    Hi Readers, Now you can download your copy of Cyber Security Handbook FREE on Amazon Kindle.. Cyber Security HandBook :: Cyber Domain is Unforgiving Be Prepared by S Khadsare Link:
  • Can Criminal cases be revisited if Sec 65B certificate is absent? .. NAAVI

    Posted by Vijayashankar Na on July 21, 2017 on his blog LINK : In what can be considered as a serious concern to criminal cases where decisions have already been taken based on electronic evidence without Sec 65B certificate, Supreme Court has debated the issue of challenge of Electronic Evidence at the appeal stage if […]
  • Introduction to Cyber Crime

    We live in the ‘Information Age’. There is an abundance of information freely flowing and easily available for access. Computers, mobile phones, digital cameras and other electronic gadgets have become an inseparable part of our daily lives. On the other hand, anonymity, lack of defined boundaries and restrictions of information access, and a growing dependency […]
  • Malware Attacks

    What is Malware? Malware or Virus is another term for a malicious programme. It performs unwanted actions on the computer which include Intentional programme crashes Unwanted pop-ups Stealing user confidential data Destruction of data or hardware Based on their characteristics, we can classify them into categories such as Worm Trojan Keylogger What is a Worm? […]
  • Internet Time & Bandwidth Theft

    What is Internet time/Bandwidth theft? Internet time/ bandwidth theft is a crime where the internet connection of one person (the victim) is used by an unauthorised person (the criminal). This is usually done by getting access to the user’s internet account details, such as user name and password, provided by the service provider. This access […]
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