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Cloud’s Ups N Downs!!

    “Cloud computing” has been the marketing genie for enormous companies for quite a while as they have made another market for information in our increasingly digital world and have siginificantly earn alot through cloud spirit. They’ve made huge investments in infrastructure and software to enable the capture of strong positions and revenues in

Digital Society Day

17 Oct 2016…IT Act turned sweet 16 ..a age considered by few as entry to freedom while by some as turning mature and responsible. Digital India, Skill India, IT Act, Smart cities….are words of the day.Everyone uses them as at their will.Few serious infosec enthusiasts ( Triveni Singh , Naavi and few more of them)

Digital India

Digital India

October 17, 2000 was the day The Information Technology Act 2000 (Cyber Law) was notified in India which made electronic documents recognized in law for the first time. All those who are involved in cyber activities today need to remember that it was the day that made digital contracts legally recognized in India for the