Digital Society Day

17 Oct 2016…IT Act turned sweet 16 ..a age considered by few as entry to freedom while by some as turning mature and responsible.

Digital India, Skill India, IT Act, Smart cities….are words of the day.Everyone uses them as at their will.Few serious infosec enthusiasts ( Triveni Singh , Naavi and few more of them) had appealed to the infosec community to celebrate 17 Oct as Digital Society Day by organising various awareness programmes, put up various posts , trend a few hash tags or do what ever a person could.

Surprisingly only a handful of people of infosec community were aware or contributed towards celebrating this day.It was seen that most of the community was more interested in events being organised overseas(Dubai…) and did not even spare time to tweet on this day.

We as a nation should not only speak but it’s high time we start executing what we say.

Our country has many buzzing, intellectual and competent minds but I think they don’t have leadership. They need someone to guide them and lead them in this Cyber domain.

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  1. Sanjay Bamane


    Good Initiative and hope for leadership to celebrate 17 Oct as Digital Day in India in future with full day awareness programs through out India.

    1. d4n6j (Post author)



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