Digital India

October 17, 2000 was the day The Information Technology Act 2000 (Cyber Law) was notified in India which made electronic documents recognized in law for the first time. All those who are involved in cyber activities today need to remember that it was the day that made digital contracts legally recognized in India for the first time.

October 17 therefore deserves to be celebrated as the “Digital Society Day” of India. I request groups of Cyber Professionals to conduct some program useful for the cyber society such as ..say conducting a meeting within the Company and spending an hour to discuss the IT Act, 2000 which was amended as The IT Act, 2008 and is likely to be further updated in another amendment later in 2017.

Schools should conduct awareness programs and writers can write in their blogs about a related topic of interest and enhance the awareness about cyber crimes. Police and Judiciary as well as Bar Councils should also hold some programs of their own to just remember that October 17 was a special day in the history of Digital India.

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