• New Security Measures in iOS 11 and Their Forensic Implications by Oleg Afonin

    This post is reproduced as it is from from   Apple is about to launch its next-generation iOS in just a few days. Researching developer betas, we discovered that iOS 11 implements a number of new security measures. The purpose of these measures is better protecting the privacy of Apple customers and once again increasing […]
  • Whatsapp Web : An easy way to Hijack Whatsapp Accounts

    With the introduction of end to end encryption for all its users, Whatsapp seems to have improved its market value as a messenger application with increasing security to its app. Mobile numbers act as the basic structure for Whatsapp accounts. Your mobile number acts as your username and the ONE TIME Password works as the […]
  • Can Criminal cases be revisited if Sec 65B certificate is absent? .. NAAVI

    Posted by Vijayashankar Na on July 21, 2017 on his blog LINK : In what can be considered as a serious concern to criminal cases where decisions have already been taken based on electronic evidence without Sec 65B certificate, Supreme Court has debated the issue of challenge of Electronic Evidence at the appeal stage if […]
  • Cloud’s Ups N Downs!!

        “Cloud computing” has been the marketing genie for enormous companies for quite a while as they have made another market for information in our increasingly digital world and have siginificantly earn alot through cloud spirit. They’ve made huge investments in infrastructure and software to enable the capture of strong positions and revenues in […]
  • Recover Deleted Notifications On Your Android Device

    Android being one of the mostly used platform, sheds an ample number of features for its users. The notification tray in the Android devices lets us know the current happenings in the device and hence makes our task effortless. However, we remove the notifications displayed in the notification panel when read but sometimes, the relevant […]
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