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  • Recover Deleted Notifications On Your Android Device

    Android being one of the mostly used platform, sheds an ample number of features for its users. The notification tray in the Android devices lets us know the current happenings in the device and hence makes our task effortless. However, we remove the notifications displayed in the notification panel when read but sometimes, the relevant […]
  • Just Be Aware Of The Chrome Flaw

    Imagine all your conversations being heard by your laptop while you are on phone or interacting with a person near your laptop. A major security revelation by a security researcher in Google’s We Browser. Chrome Bug Permits sites to have an eye on you by discreetly recording Audio/Video Chrome is one of the most extensively […]
  • Windows Registry Backup & Restore

    All of you must be accustomed with the registry settings which are available in the operating system. A little hands on with those settings lets you to customize your OS in an entirely different manner. But you have to be very cautious while playing with these settings. A small fault while tweaking with the registry […]
  • Stay cyber Secure!

    With increasing number of cybercrime despite of constant reminders and awareness has urged to come with this write up. If you think just knowing computers is enough to sustain in this cyber growing world then probably you are wrong.  The CEO’s, the giant’s IT firms, the security analyst in fact even a smart hacker is […]
  • Stay Away From Your Nearby Public Mobile Charging Points

    Be Aware! Your witless acts can cause you a life’s threat. Plugging your phones to public charging stations or computers at railways stations, bus stands etc. using USB cables makes your phone vulnerable to hackers. Not even every USB cable in the market is genuine and poses the possibility of data theft while charging. USB […]
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