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  • Cyber Security Handbook : Free download on Amazon Kindle

    Hi Readers, Now you can download your copy of Cyber Security Handbook FREE on Amazon Kindle.. Cyber Security HandBook :: Cyber Domain is Unforgiving Be Prepared by S Khadsare Link:
  • Whatsapp Web : An easy way to Hijack Whatsapp Accounts

    With the introduction of end to end encryption for all its users, Whatsapp seems to have improved its market value as a messenger application with increasing security to its app. Mobile numbers act as the basic structure for Whatsapp accounts. Your mobile number acts as your username and the ONE TIME Password works as the […]
  • Stay Away From Your Nearby Public Mobile Charging Points

    Be Aware! Your witless acts can cause you a life’s threat. Plugging your phones to public charging stations or computers at railways stations, bus stands etc. using USB cables makes your phone vulnerable to hackers. Not even every USB cable in the market is genuine and poses the possibility of data theft while charging. USB […]
  • Hacking CCTV

    The attacks on the CCTV Camera Systems, in recent times have been elevated. Perpetrators can easily hack into your camera system and spy on everywhere and every time whenever they want even without your knowledge says Zayed Aljaberi, the founder of He demonstrated a process of hacking into a CCTV System within 30 seconds. […]
  • Phishing : Gmail Scams

    The art of creating phishing schemes are mastered by some hackers who have attained a P.hd in it. Even the best of the best technologically savy users fall for it because of the fake documents created by the hackers seems almost realistic and above all quite legitimate which sets up the trap for them. This […]
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